In our first blog post on Kevin Rudd’s trip to the World Economic Forum event in Tianjin, we noted that the former prime minister and  foreign minister had ‘290 thousand-plus weibo followers’. Well, in just under two months, ‘Lao Lu’ (老陆) – as he’s known on weibo – has gained another 50 thousand-odd fans. Given his proficiency with […]

Heidi Han – Chinese Online Content Producer at SBS – took these fantastic Instagram shots at the Australia-China 40 years relations celebrations in Darling Harbour on Sunday. Author: Fergus Ryan  Pics: Heidi Han

We’ve already had two Auschina meetups in Melbourne, and each time they keep getting bigger. The next meetup is scheduled for 7 November 6:30pm at Manchuria Bar in China Town. Check out the Facebook Event Page for more details. Also, the very first Sydney Auschina meetup will take place on Sunday 11 November 4pm at Strawberry Hills Hotel, Surry […]

The highly anticipated Australia in the Asian Century White Paper was finally launched yesterday. Here are some key China-related take-outs from the White Paper and reactions to Prime Minister Gillard’s speech from Twitter. Author: Fergus Ryan

Kevin Rudd announced his arrival to Beijing to his 290 thousand-plus weibo followers today. The message, which includes a picture of Rudd holding his grand-daughter Josephine, reads: I arrived in Beijing this afternoon. Tomorrow I’m going to Tianjin to give a speech at Summer Davos. I’m at my son-in-law and daughters home at the moment. […]